It's not just important to review safety tips with your child, but to reinforce them on a regular basis. We have created this quiz so you can, at any time, ask a few questions to see if they understand safety issues. It's best to quiz your child at the spur of the moment, when they are not expecting it. That way you'll get the most honest answers and can determine if you need to go over any tips. We hope that you'll find this quiz informative and useful in your efforts to protect your child. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

  1. Someone is touching you in places that you know are not right. What do you do?
    1. Don't tell anyone right now because they'll probably stop doing it soon
    2. Don't tell anyone because the person may harm your parents, brother/sister or pets
    3. Immediately tell your parents or another trusted adult
    4. Keep the secret between you and the person, because you shouldn't tell secrets to others
  2. You are outside your friend's house, playing, and an adult walks up to you and asks you to help them search for their lost puppy. What do you do?
    1. Walk away down the street with them to look for the puppy, because you feel bad the dog is lost
    2. Ask them for the "Secret Code Word" to see if they are a stranger
    3. Go get your friend and then you both go searching
    4. Immediately scream, "NO," run into your friend's house and tell a trusted adult or call 911
  3. You're outside at recess when an adult walks up to you, says they need directions, and asks you to go to their car with them where they'll give you some candy. What do you do?
    1. Ask them what kind of candy they'll give you
    2. Say, "Sure, if it doesn't take too long."
    3. Don't say anything. Run as fast as you can to your teacher and let them know about the person
    4. Go with them to their car, and get your candy out of the back seat of the car
  4. You're on the sidewalk in front of your house, and a car pulls up beside you. The person inside looks kind of familiar, and asks you to come to the window because they say your dad is hurt and they have to take you to the hospital. What do you do?
    1. Get in the car right away. There's no time to waste because your dad may be really hurt!
    2. Walk over to the car, stick your head in the window, and ask the person what happened to your dad
    3. Run as fast as you can into the house, lock the door, and call a trusted adult to find out the truth
    4. Ask for the secret Code Word to see if the person is a stranger
  5. You're in the mall and find you are lost. Suddenly, someone grabs you and tries to carry you away and says you better be quiet or they'll hurt you. What do you do?
    1. Scream as loud as you can until someone helps you
    2. Yell, "This is not my parent!" over and over again
    3. Kick, scream, and bite the person to try to get away
    4. Go with the person because you don't want to get hur
  6. You're at the mall with your mom and she goes into a store to look at clothing, while you want to see the toys and run off in another direction and discover that you're lost. What do you do?
    1. Stand where you are and cry
    2. Try to find a security guard, or go up to a counter person at a store and tell them you're lost
    3. Run all over the mall to look for your mom
    4. Ask a lady with a few kids who's walking by to help you
  7. You find that you're lost and you tell a trusted adult. What information should you tell them?
    1. Your name and address
    2. Your parents'/guardians' names
    3. Your home phone number
    4. With whom you came to the mall

Answers: 1. C; 2. B and/or D; 3. C; 4. C and/or D; 5. A, B, and/or C; 6. B and/or D; 7. All of the above.

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